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David Cramer

I worked every shift around the clock, gave up pay increases, holidays with my family and missed several family events that I could justify by knowing I would be rewarded with my pension in retirement. Now the thieves have mismanaged our hard earned money and we have to pay the price. I bet not one of them will be taking any pay cuts or make any concessions like we will. Why have they not been accountable to a full blown audit to see where our money went? When I did the math on the amount I actually contributed and allowed for up and down markets. My investments flat lined. Yes, I had no earnings. I am tired of hearing about how many baby boomers are drawing pensions. Wait a minute…what about all the years the baby boomers were contributing? Where did THAT money go? The law of average always applies. That is why I know our money was stolen. People need to be held accountable. What about a bail out for the hard working men and women? They are just as important as the bankers and car manufacturers.

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