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Cynthia E.

My ex-husbands worked for the Hawaii Masons Unions, until he retired in 2009. We were married for 14 years and when he became ill, our son and I moved in with Eddie to help care for him. Our son Steven became Eddie’s primary care giver, actually his sole care provider, as Eddie’s parents were deceased and he was estranged from his siblings, by choice due to multiple families quarreling over Eddie being sole beneficiary to his Fathers estates.  When Eddie passed away on April 20, 2012 my son and I tended to Eddie’s funeral arrangements and being the sole Trustees and Beneficiaries of the Estate which including a mortgage and other debts, we pushed on, my son never really having time to grieve the loss of his father.

Here’s my point-after laying Eddie to rest, taking care of immediate debts and trust issues, we took all the proper documentation to the plan administrator at the union where Eddie retired from. Eddie left his life insurance policies and retirement assets to Steven and me, via living trust pour over will and via Quadro. The plan administrator refused to take any of our documents, said beneficiary was changed, and to this day treats us with total disregard and disrespect. We got EBSA involved, told us to seek legal counsel…looking for legal representation…Something very, very wrong here. We need assistance please!

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