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Christopher C.

I began my career at UPS in 1980 and retired in 2010 after 30 years of back breaking, body destroying work. I have numerous medical conditions that are directly related to my employment including 3 bulging discs in lower back, chronic shoulder pain, and a condition called Pudendal Neuralgia thats affects my bowels and my bladder. I cannot work because of these conditions as i’m in constant pain.I tried for SSDI but was denied. To suspend my earned benefit would put me into incredible financial hardship. I can’t sleep at night because of the anxiety this is causing me and my family.

I also can’t believe that the legislation that put this in motion was slipped into a must pass bill in the middle of the night. It amazes me how congress is fighting for the middle class yet continues to do things like this that hurts us. Why was there no discussion about finding solutions instead of just chopping us off at the knees? I paid my dues, filled my obligation and was guaranteed an income. How can the banks get bailed out when their actions led to this and we don’t even get a look. This is the definition of unjust, screw the little guy just make sure you get him to vote for you. What a joke.

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