PRC Receives $560,000 Cy Pres Award

PRC Receives $560,000 Cy Pres Award


The Pension Rights Center, a nonprofit consumer organization dedicated to protecting and promoting retirement security, is grateful to have been designated as a recipient of a $560,000 cy pres award by the law firm Bailey & Glasser. 

A cy pres award allows for the distribution of leftover funds from the settlement of a lawsuit to be disbursed to charitable organizations whose mission generally aligns with the purpose of the lawsuit. Attorney Gregory Porter is “delighted that undisbursed money is going to the Pension Rights Center, which has been working for 47 years to protect retirement security for workers and retirees, particularly for lower and moderate wage earners.” 

Karen Friedman, Executive Director of the PRC, said she is extremely grateful. “We are delighted to be the recipient of the cy pres award to support our critical work. This award will go a long way toward supporting legal assistance activities to help thousands of individuals recover retirement benefits they have earned and to promote policies that expand retirement income savings and close gaps in the pension system.”

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