PRC is here for you

PRC is here for you


By Karen Friedman

All of us are dealing with how to stay safe as the deadly Coronavirus, COVID-19, quickly spreads across America, and much of the globe. But while we all are hunkering down, trying to adjust to this new strange and scary reality, we want you to know that the Pension Rights Center is still here for you. Our staff may now be working remotely, but we are still doing the work that is so important – protecting your retirement security.

Pensions and other retirement benefits are only one part of the economic fabric being torn asunder by the crisis. We know that the entire economy is being walloped as businesses, big and small, are forced to close their doors, leading to millions of people losing jobs. Also, with the stock market roller coasting downward at a dramatic and dizzying speed, pension plans are losing money and 401(k) plans are being drained fast. As during the Great Recession of 2008, those close to retirement, or already retired, will be hardest hit.

PRC has seen challenges before in our 44 years of existence but nothing like this. Just like everyone else we are shell-shocked. But we also, as always, see ourselves as part of the solution. While we all have to take steps to ensure our personal safety, we also don’t want to stop doing what we do best: fix problems, propose solutions, and protect retirement income. We have done this for four decades and we will continue, even with today’s massive challenges.

We will keep you informed of our work and what we’re doing – and please, even when you’re social distancing, stay in touch with us. While we’re battling the huge public health crisis of the present, we still have our eye on protecting the pensions workers and retirees have earned, and building a better retirement system for the future, one that works for everyone, and can stand up to every challenge.

You can count on us.

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