Barking mad over pensions

Barking mad over pensions


Tuesday’s New York Times included a full-page ad from the Center for Consumer Freedom*, attacking the Humane Society of the United States. In the ad, the Center claims that the animal-oriented organization is misallocating its money by, among other things, putting $2.5 million toward its retirement plan for employees.

This “criticism” has me growling and barking. As a dog-owner I personally contribute to the Humane Society. I know that the work that they do is worthwhile. 

Ironically, thanks to this ad, I feel even more committed to the Humane Society, knowing that it provides pensions for its employees, ensuring that workers today will have money for tomorrow.

Thank you, Humane Society, for not just being humane toward animals but towards people, too.


*I must point out that the Center for Consumer Freedom is a front group funded by corporations (such as tobacco giant Philip Morris) to attack campaigns that promote a healthier lifestyle. The Center’s other targets include the Centers for Disease Control for its anti-obesity efforts and Mothers Against Drunk Driving for trying to strengthen drunk-driving laws.

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