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Companies Decide the Time Is Right to Offload Pensions to Insurers

10/07/2021 | Bloomberg

Many Americans who still have a traditional pension—the kind that pays a regular income no matter what the market does—could soon have a different company paying their benefits.


‘I’ll be robbed twice in one lifetime’: Retirees fearing financial disaster wait for pension rescue

08/30/2021 | MarketWatch

For Carol Podesta-Smallen, the pain of a broken promise grows worse with time.

The Garfield, N.J., retiree framed her first pension check, along with a picture of herself and her husband. “That was our retirement,” she says, referring to the monthly benefit she earned after 26 years as a clerical worker.


Lawmakers want to help retirement savers find their lost 401(k) and pension plans

08/20/2021 | CNBC

Help may be on the way for workers who lose track of their 401(k) accounts as they move from job to job throughout their careers.


Congressional proposal would limit when retirees must return pension overpayments

07/29/2021 | CNBC

For some retirees, getting a large pension payment can become a big problem. Let’s say a pension plan mistakenly has been paying a participant too much and requires the person to pay back the money, typically through reduced future payments.


IRS Again Extends Remote Witnessing for Retirement Plan Changes

07/02/2021 | SHRM

The IRS has extended through June 30, 2022, remote notarization relief that gives retirement plans greater flexibility for participant elections that require a witness, such as 401(k) loan applications and spousal consent to changes in the distribution of survivor's pension benefits.


The Savings Game: Congress needs to help pensioners find their money

06/28/2021 | Tribune Content Agency

For years, members of Congress have been trying to pass legislation that will allow the federal government to establish a centralized database to help retirees locate their pension and 401(k) plans.


Senators revisit bill to create retirement account lost-and-found

05/24/2021 | Pensions & Investments

A bipartisan bill to create a national online lost-and-found database for retirement accounts has been reintroduced in the Senate.


With Butch Lewis Act, Workers Won Major Victory for Right to Secure Retirement

03/22/2021 | The Intercept

Tucked into the American Rescue Plan — the coronavirus stimulus that passed in early March — is the greatest victory for American workers in recent memory: the Butch Lewis Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act.


How the COVID relief bill saves union pensions

03/22/2021 | nwLaborPress.org

It didn’t get a lot of fanfare, but tucked into the just-passed COVID relief bill is a new program that will make a life-changing difference for over a million current and future union retirees.


3 Ways You Could Lose Your Pension and How to Save It

03/22/2021 | Report Door

When was the last time you heard good news about pensions? Instead, you’ve probably seen alarming headlines such as these: