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Kyle Garrett's Posts

St. Clare’s retirees take action to protect their pensions

As the Pension Rights Center’s Operations and Referrals Manager, I hear from thousands of individuals each year. Over the past decade, many of these calls and e-mails have come from people who worked for religiously affiliated hospitals, schools, and social services agencies. More...

Spouses should have a say in whether survivor benefits will be provided

Spouses Should Have a Say in Whether Survivor Benefits Will Be Provided

A recent New York Post article drew attention to a widow facing a tragic situation. Her husband, a retired police officer, had taken his own life. Without going into the grisly details of the case, her husband wanted to cause his wife as much pain as possible. More...

Breaking Pension Promises is No Solution at All

Complexity is to be expected when discussing an issue like pensions. So for the moment let’s make things simple: 150 to 200 multiemployer plans are severely underfunded and may run out of money in 15 to 20 years if no action is taken. More...

Evaluating 401(k) Plans in a House of Mirrors

Evaluating 401(k) Plans in a House of Mirrors

Every few months, a financial services company releases numbers touting the success of 401(k) plans. 401(k) account balances are higher than ever! 401(k) plans are working just fine! There is no retirement crisis!

However, like magicians, these firms don’t want you to see what's behind the numbers. More...

Spouses deserve an equal voice in retirement decisions

Spouses deserve an equal voice in retirement decisions

Preparing for retirement is a bit like competing in a marathon. It’s long and hard, and it requires a steady pace. It also requires information about the course ahead. More...

It’s Time to Take the Risk Out of Retirement

Amidst the deluge of polls, electoral counts, and predictions for yesterday’s election, a different number was released that shows the grim state of Americans’ retirement security. More...

How Safe Are the New GM Retirees’ Annuities?

Back in June, thousands of salaried General Motors retirees were given seven weeks to decide whether to take their pension as a lump sum or continue with their lifetime monthly payments. More...

Shining a light on a hidden pension world

Retirement Heist

In a new book, Retirement Heist, prize-winning journalist Ellen Schultz has provided the ultimate backstage pass to the world of pensions, with plenty of drama and shocking details. More...

Gold-Plated Retirement?

Gold-Plated Retirement?

In “The elderly are better off than advertisedWashington Post columnist Robert J. Samuelson attacks what he calls “selective and self-serving statistics” that have been cited by defenders of Social Security and Medicare. According to Samuelson, such statistics are used to oppose cuts in these vital programs and support an “outdated More...

Think the government is after your 401(k)? Think again.

Have you heard that the government is planning to seize your 401(k) and use the money to send monkeys to Mars? Well, we haven't heard about the monkey part, but some people are making the claim that the government is gunning for workers' 401(k)s.

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