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PBGC urges bankruptcy court to protect pensions for Harry & David employees

PBGC urges bankruptcy court to protect pensions for Harry & David employees

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) recently announced that it has asked a bankruptcy court to continue the company’s defined benefit pension plan, siding with the employees and retirees of Harry & David Holdings Inc. More...

Oklahoma appreciates its military spouses

Oklahoma appreciates its military spouses

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. A fitting day to tell you all that current and former military spouses (especially those in Oklahoma) can breathe a sigh of relief. More...

GE's deep pension freeze

GE's deep pension freeze

When I first saw the story that General Electric (GE) was closing its traditional pension plan to new hires I thought about lifelong activist and friend Helen Quirini and knew that she would be furious!  Helen was a long-time GE employee who fought for cost-of-living adjustments in GE retirement plans.  More...

"Wake Up, Washington!" on Women and Retirement

As we approach the end of the second week of Retirement USA's "Wake Up, Washington!" Month" we have learned a great deal about the challenges women face in retirement. Women face special challenges because they make less than men and spend less time in the workforce.  Yet they typically live longer than men, requiring more retirement income.  As Retirement USA's Facts of the Day have shown, women have far less retirement security than men. 

"Wake Up, Washington!" launch

This morning things were abuzz at the National Press Club as Retirement USA (an initiative of the Pension Rights Center and other partnering organizations) launched "Wake Up, Washington!" Month.  The month is dedicated to raising awareness among policymakers about the Retirement Income Deficit faced by millions of Americans.  We learned that the Retirement Income Deficit in this country is $6.6 trillion - meaning the amount of money Americans ages 32-64 need but do not have to provide an adequate nest egg for their retirement.

And the rich get richer...

Certain rules in the Internal Revenue Code are designed to prevent employers from discriminating against non-highly paid employees in their pension plans. Unfortunately for the retirement security of their employees, some employers look for ways to get around the nondiscrimination rules.

Retirement and Divorce: Additional Resources

We hope you've found our series of blog entries on divorce and retirement assets to be informative. In today's final blog entry we have listed several additional resources that provide additional information on divorce and retirement assets. More...

Don’t take a pension for granted

Often divorcing couples will opt to divide their marital property by giving one spouse the home and the other spouse the pension.  This easy way of dividing marital property may leave one spouse at a disadvantage that isn't recognized until retirement.  More...

Don't delay: Submit court orders to the plan right away!

In order to receive retirement benefits that have been awarded in a divorce, it is important to obtain a court order, which tells retirement plans how to divide and pay benefits to the divorced couple. For private retirement plans, these court orders are called Qualified Domestic Relations Orders or QDROs. Other retirement systems call them Domestic Relations Orders or DROs.  More...

A pension earned during a marriage is usually the property of both spouses

Did you know that, in general, retirement assets earned during a marriage are marital property in the same way that a house and a savings account are?  More...

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